Members Section

Social Event Dates for the Diary

Weekly Monday Club Nights have now ended – however Bar will be open Monday
nights until end Sept. if you still want a roll up on a balmy Sept evening !!
Fri 14 th Oct – Curry Night (names will be needed – look for notices)
Sat 10 th Dec Club Presentation Night followed by Christmas Party!!

‘Club Officers Nominations’ Mens Section only
A ‘Club Officers Nominations’ sheet has been posyed in the Mens Changing Room. If you
have an interest to help manage the Bowls Club operations in 2023, then please consider
putting yourself forward for nomination to a post. Details of the various positions can be
seen within the Club Rules Book or else speak with an established member who should be
able to answer any questions. The Club is only as strong as its Membership ! it’s operation
is fully dependent on the willingness of its Members to give some time and support.

Caldicot Bowls Club Website – Update Requirements 4 August 2022

Booking Rinks
After much discussion, it’s been decided to revert to the old system of Booking Rinks
manually on the sheets provided in the Mens Changing Room. The reason being that running
parallel online and manual rink booking systems had proven problematic on occasion.